Diving In to AP Calculus (AB & BC)





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What is it? "Diving In"  tests all concepts in the AB and BC Calculus exam in the format and difficulty of the actual exam. Only topics that have been taught to that point will be addressed. So you are assured that a straight line motion question in the derivative will not ask questions about distance traveled that requires an integral. You can use Diving In from week one.


"Diving In" has been revised to match the format of the 2017 AP Exam. All multiple-choice problems have 4 choices (A, B, C, D) and the puzzle element, found in the previous edition, has been removed.  One additional topic in L'Hospital's Rule has been added.


What Does Diving In look like?  Click on the link to see part of the first issue of Diving InYou can get a sense of the format and the way solutions are presented.  Every one of the 37 topics in AB and 18 topics in BC look like this with 4 multiple-choice problems and one free-response problem.


   See a sample of issue 1: Click here!


How Do I Get the Problems?


There are two ways to get the Diving In problems: 

    1)  registering to become a member of the MasterMathMentor community.

    2)  downloading the files directly.


By registering as a member of the MasterMathMentor.com Community you will automatically be given access to "Diving In (AB)",  "Calculus: Ripped From the Headlines" "Calculus Cache" and "Teaching Outside the Box", as well as other subscriptions developed in the future. There is nothing to do and absolutely no cost.


If you need to register,  you will choose a username and password. Give us a few hours to process and and you will become a member of MasterMathMentor. You will have access to the 12 AB Diving In issues when you login using your username and password.



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The other way to get the Diving In Student versions is by downloading them:


Diving In - AB Version


Topic Download

1. Limits

2. Rates of Change

3. Derivatives by the Definition

Issue 1

Download now

4. Basic Derivatives

5. Equation of a Tangent Line

6. Derivative of Trig Functions

Issue 2

Download now

7. Chain Rule

8. Local Linear Approximation

9. Implicit Differentiation

Issue 3

Download now

10. Derivatives - ln and exponentials

11. Horizontal and Vertical Tangents

12. Continuity and Differentiability

Issue 4

Download now

13. Intermediate, Mean Value Theorems

14. Derivative of Inverses

15. Related Rates

Issue 5

Download now

16. Straight-line Motion

17. Function Analysis

18. Absolute Extrema

Issue 6

Download now

19. 2nd Derivative Test

20. Optimization

21. Integration

Issue 7

Download now

22. Integration w/Substitition

23. Integration with Trig Functions

24. Integration with ln and e

Issue 8

Download now

25. Definite Integral as Area

26. Riemann Sums/Trapezoidal Rule

27. Fundamental Theorem of Calulus

Issue 9

Download now

28. The Accumulation Function

29. Integral of Rate of Change

30. Average Value of a Function

Issue 10

Download now

31. Straight-Line Motion - Integrals

32. Calculus and Inverse Trig

33. Area

Issue 11

Download now

34. Volume

35. Slope Fields / DEQ's

36. DEQ Growth Problems

37. L'Hospital's Rule

Issue 12

Download now



How About the Solutions?  You can purchase the solutions to "Diving In to Calculus - AB." The solutions walk you through all the necessary calculus steps and explain how they should be graded. You will receive links for all 12 issues. Each takes up roughly 2 megs of memory so they should download quite quickly.



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Diving In to Calculus - BC Version


We have completed the BC version of Diving In. Unfortunately, it takes time to get it on our website with all purchasing options and my programmer is not currently available to do this extensive work. But I want to get it into the hands of teachers by the start of the school year so I used my rudimentary website ability to get the student version available for download and a limited purchasing option for the solutions.


Diving In - BC Version



Topic Download

1. L'Hospital's Rule

2. Integration by Parts

3. Derivatives using Partial Fractions

Issue 1

Download Now

4. Improper Integrals

5. Arc Length

6. Euler's Method

Issue 2

Download Now

7. Logistic Curves

8. Parametric Equations

9. Vector-Valued Functions

Issue 3

Download Now

10. Polar Curves

11. Taylor Polynomials

12. Lagrange Error

Issue 4

Download Now

13. Convergence Tests (Basic Series)

14. Convergence Tests (Complicated Series)

15. Alternating Series & Error Bounds

Issue 5

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16. Power Series Convergence Intervals

17. Taylor Series

18. Manipulation of Series

Issue 6

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The cost of the solutions to Diving In - BC version is $25.95 and is temporarily available only in download format (or as PO's). You can purchase it below.



Many teachers are looking for AP-type problems that test student cumulative knowledge. "Diving In to AP Calculus" is timely, challenging, and yes, fun! Hope you and your students enjoy using it.