Calculus Jeopardy

A great way to review A.P. calculus.

Engage your class!

I don't know about you, but I have found that there are never enough challenging practice questions for Advanced Placement Calculus. While typical problems test basic knowledge needed to do well in the A.P. exam, they are not the "clever" problems that permeate the actual exam - the ones that not only make the student think but make you think as well! With that in mind, I have put together a large number of review problems that will challenge your best students while not frustrating your weaker ones. It is all packaged in a new game called CALCULUS JEOPARDY.


Calculus Jeopardy:
Full Description

(100K PDF)

Purchase Options (350K PDF)

Click the link for these two files to see a full description of the Calculus Jeopardy game and information about the 3 purchase options.

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Calculus Jeopardy: Example (1MB PDF)

Solutions (380K PDF)

These two documents include a sample of the gameboard, 15 problems (different than the actual game), and solutions so you can know what you are purchasing before you buy it.  (requires Adode® Reader® to read PDF files - see

Calculus Jeopardy: Instructions

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Includes instructions on playing the game and recommendations on how the game can be used in the classroom. (requires Adobe®Reader® to read PDF files - see


Full Game: Web Download

JEOPARDY, Double JEOPARDY, Triple JEOPARDY, and BC Triple JEOPARDY + more! (requires Adobe®Reader® to read PDF files and Excel to run the optional scorecard program)
Only $29.95  

Full Game: Printed Version
(includes web download!)

Full Calculus Jeopardy Game in printed form.  Web download is also included free of charge!
Only $37.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling

Both Jeopardy and Clue on flash drive!

(includes web download!)

This includes the full Jeopardy game as well as the AB and BC Calculus Clue game on a flash drive.  Additionally, you will be able to download the Jeopardy game from the web - no extra charge!

Only $49.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling



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  • Play one round of Calculus Jeopardy at the beginning of each class!  Students will be excited to come to class.
  • Use Calculus Jeopardy for review and then let the students take the packet home with them for A.P. Exam preparation.
  • Create a friendly competition among students using the included scorecard and track the types of problems that give individual students and the class trouble.
  • Make up your own Calculus Jeopardy questions and contact us to help you make your own Jeopardy gameboard.


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